Writing As Remedy

A 5-week 
course in integrated, creative self-care.



In this course, specific physical movements and guided visualizations are paired with writing explorations to shift your relationship to yourself
and to any pain, illness, grief, chronic stress or overwhelm.


You will change the way you tend to yourself.
Self-care tools and techniques will get you into your body,
find your grounding and create ease.
Writing prompts and practices will promote healing *.


You’ll reshape your experience and shift your perspective,
while receiving ongoing support, accountability and guidance.


* All are welcome.
Even if you have no writing experience or do not feel you are a writer,
this class is for you.


“I feel the class was a turning point for me.
Part of what was really powerful for me

was that it gave me a chance to check in with how I have been doing
and express my feelings; and it felt ok to do so – that my voice mattered.
The class really helped me feel like change, growth could still be possible.
For me, the class was really a revelation.
It provided a chance for a new approach, a new start, and that is amazing.”

– Sarah C.


Reclaim stories of illness, injury and loss.
Face inner and outer critics.
Examine the energy of words and labels.
Discover the wisdom in your experience.


Use movement, postures and poses to support self-care.
Reduce pain and improve alignment with props and techniques.
Explore Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.
Create personal rituals to demarcate
your time and space around this work.
Experience guided imagery and meditation as a way of
developing your writing practice and shifting your perspective.


Course Dates
April 26 – May 24

Thursdays 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday, May 12 11:00am – 5:00pm
plus online community and resources


4.26 Starting The Shift

5.3 Embodied Stories

5.10 The Power of Words

5.12 Creating a Healing Narrative

5.17 Our Story in Community

5.24 Post-Traumatic Growth


light, healthy snacks and tea will be served in every session

location: Wellbody Studio 22 E17th St

“I found the class—with its elements of writing, discussion,
body movement, and ritual — thought-shifting in several ways:
how I approach everyday (no-longer-unconscious) rituals,

how I relate to pain with an understanding that it can
co-exist with wellness,

how I have embraced the idea that fighting pain and insomnia
only makes them worse,

and how I have come to believe I deserve to feel well
and have the resources to work towards that.”

– Mary Kay C.


Karen Zuckerman, LMT is an integrative therapeutic bodyworker, blending techniques such as deep tissue, visceral manipulation, thai yoga massage and essential oils. She teaches the MELT Method and several other self-care modalities in both group classes and private sessions at Wellbody, her Union Square studio. Karen also runs ‘treat, an annual 3-day women’s wellness immersion in New York’s Hudson Valley. She loves teaching people new ways of taking care of themselves, how to play a larger role in your own wellness and how filling your well is integral to how you show up for yourself, others in your life and your work in the world. Karen believes in approaching all aspects of health in a variety of ways – bodywork, community, food-as-medicine, movement, art and music.

Heather Bryant is a writer based in Sunnyside, NY, who has published short fiction and nonfiction in The Massachusetts Review, The Southeast Review, CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action, and in multiple anthologies. Her essay, “Habitat,” won the 2009 Southeast Review Narrative Nonfiction Contest. Heather teaches at Pace University and leads writing workshops in New York City. This course integrates her personal studies of narrative medicine, writing and meditation.



Wellbody, Union Square, NYC, specializes in therapeutic bodywork and self-care. Massage Therapy, Raindrop Technique, Aromatherapy, MELT Method classes and Fluid Core classes in one studio.
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