September 28-30, 2018

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“Believe the people when they say ‘treat is ‘big’ and ‘important’
because they ain’t just whistling Dixie.
‘treat is the most delicious self-care experience you would design for yourself,
if you only knew how badly you needed it.
Happily, this tribe of gifted and remarkable women has got you covered.”
– Madeline M.


Three days dedicated solely to filling your well.
Physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically,
spiritually, communally.
Going inward.
Discover. Uncover.
Release. Clear. Open.
Ground. Center. Align.
Bring in. Fill up.
Three days of learning new moves,
new methods, new ways.
Refining familiar ones.
Three days unlimited access to the teachers,
their wealth of knowledge and their guidance.
The profound and undeniable power of community.
The trust, vulnerability, support and strength
of brave, stellar women with their own unique gifts.
Precious, precious time.
A toolbox to carry home.
Because the experience doesn’t end after three days.
You’ll have myriad simple, accessible practices, exercises and tips
to incorporate into your life moving forward.
You’ll be part of the pack who’s in this with you.
Think shifts. Think wholeness. Think expansion.
Think what’s possible.

How significant can one weekend be?


“I have attended ‘treat for the past 2 years.
My experience coming to the event has been life changing.
I have learned that I am stronger than I ever knew possible and that is all due to
having met Karen and this amazing group of women she has pulled together.
My life would not be the same if I had not met Karen
and all the instructors at ‘treat.
I am forever grateful for my growth and development
that was inspired by the women of ‘treat.”
– Alison A.


Say Yes Here.


nourish your body.

feed your soul.

‘treat yourself.



The Grail Retreat Center

 Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY



Your Mojo is calling and it wants you to get it back.







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