I am in awe of the wonders of the human body.
It sometimes leaves me speechless.
I am forever inspired by the physical, emotional and energetic benefits of receiving bodywork
and how rewarding it is to give it.

I love teaching people new ways of caring for themselves,
of playing a larger role in their own wellness.
I love helping people feel better and seeing what is possible for them when they do.

I’ve said I had an epiphany to go to massage school when I was a writer.
But I think it was a calling.
It shifted my life in profound ways and started me on a path that continues to unfold.

My education has been varied, runs deep and is on-going.
I have been blessed to be guided by remarkable teachers and know that the learning will never stop.

My integrative bodywork sessions reflect a deeper listening to my clients.
What they share, what they don’t and what their body is revealing.
I have a growing tool kit, or medicine bag and combine a variety of modalities
depending on what’s needed in each session.

My annual women’s wellness immersions are a multi-sensory opportunity to connect to self,  community and nature.
To dive deep into nourishing your body and feeding your soul so that when you emerge you are
invigorated and full-hearted with a fresh perspective and applicable tools to feel more whole
and become more of your beautiful self.

I believe self-care is sacred.
I believe that connecting with your body and taking steps to thrive will shift
how you show up in the world.
I believe health is not just the absence of disease.
And wellness can coincide with disease.
I believe in the power of human touch.
I believe in approaching health as wholeness through a myriad ways –
bodywork, energy work, food-as-medicine, movement, community, art and music.
I believe in filling your well.




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Wellbody, Union Square, NYC, specializes in therapeutic bodywork and self-care. Massage Therapy, Raindrop Technique, Aromatherapy, MELT Method classes and Fluid Core classes in one studio.
41 Union Square West, Suite 521 New York, NY 10003
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