The Fluid Core/Fluidity Found

In these private sessions or small group classes, you’ll learn to nurture, stretch, hydrate and open the core, the muscles and connective tissue of the entire midline through a combination of playful explorations, fluid movement and gentle, functional exercises.

We’ll use various props such as the SLO-MO ball, soft foam roller, chairs and yoga blocks. But we’ll also use the floor and the wall and our breath. Essential Oils may be integrated as well as attention to the Chakras, or energy wheels along the midline.

You’ll learn about your beautiful anatomy and gain a deeper understanding of your body as a whole but more specifically your psoas and other muscles, your connective tissue, pelvis and organs.

You’ll have tools and techniques to continue the work on your own at home.

You’ll help reduce pain, stiffness and misalignment. You’ll calm the nervous system and get grounded, centered and aligned.
You’ll move with greater ease and resiliency.

Sessions and classes are designed to tap into physical and emotional stress while instilling a sense of curiosity and play.

Private sessions are followed up with an email summary with descriptions, images, tips and reminders.


Fluid Core/Fluidity Found Private Sessions

initial session:
90 min (incl. FC review with descriptions, reminders & images for home treatment)  150

follow-up sessions:
60 min (includes updated maps/reviews)
1x  125.
5x  575. (saves 50.)
10x  1150. (saves 100.)

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